Why Should Anti-Smokers Give Vaping A Shot

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Now, I know a lot of anti-smokers have a lot of hatred and strong feelings towards the vape community in general but it doesn’t have to be that way. Let me be the first one to tell you that vaping isn’t nearly the same as smoking. First of all, it’s far less dangerous, it’s far less expensive and it feels good. I know some people do ruin the image of the vaping community as the internet has a dubbed meme called vape nation, but most vapers are just normal people who enjoy the flavor. Having flavor with your smoke is really nice.

Now, vaping hasn’t become overly large really until the last decade but the internet didn’t start picking up on it until really the past few years. I never even saw vape shops until the last years or so. Now, they’re starting to pop up everywhere and they’re sending smoking companies into a scramble. So many people are giving up smokes for vaping and so many people are starting to see the benefits of why people vape. Does that make people who vape pretentious? Is it their fault that the benefits greatly outweigh smoking?

Millions of smokers and yes, I do mean millions quit smoking to join the vaping crew and not because they thought it made them look cooler but they got the same benefit out of the smoke and they feel their health has significantly improved. Even older people have started vaping instead of smoking because they were too scared to increase their risk of disease. People who smoke a pack a day are in serious risk of developing cancer or other complications so it’s wise to give it up while you still can and you’re still ahead.

Another huge benefit is the community. Can you honestly name one other community out there full of people who are passionate about a product and people who have message boards devoted to their product? Sure, you can find smoke shops where you can walk in, play the lottery and smoke but I want you to sit inside one sometime. Actually go to a smoke shop and actually look at the people coming in. Do those look like people you actually want to know? Do those look like people you really want to associate with?

Most of them look like life time long smokers and don’t look well. Some of them walk funny, can barely breath and it’s truly a sight to see. This is probably why you’re an anti-smoker in the first place and I commend you for that. Now, go to a vape shop and just observe the people inside. Most of them are the young crowd and they’re relatively healthy. They’re not hacking lungs up or coughing with every single step. They’re just normal people and usually pretty nice.

The benefits of vaping over smoking are so great and so well documented, even if you don’t smoke or are against the idea, you definitely should give it a shot.